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Beryl Cuckney

Beryl is the architect of 26 Steps and founder of Malvern Business Academy. Having travelled and worked extensively across the globe, she has transferred her experience into the 26 Steps toolkits for use by managers in the workplace. When you decide to use the toolkits, Beryl will work with you to personalise them to your organisation, usually visiting you to understand your business better.  She continues to work as an Executive Coach and lectures in Leadership and Management at the University of Worcester.

In 2016 she returned to her roots in Worcestershire setting up a Peter Jones Enterprise Academy for 19-24 year old vulnerable adults in the local area who wish to become employable and lack the qualifications or experience to gain work.  Profits from 26 Steps are used to fund these 3 month programmes which are free t0 attend.  Many members of the local community are involved in mentoring the young people.

Penny Cuckney

After a 31 year career providing customer service within Lloyds Bank, Penny is now the Client Services Manager for 26 Steps.  She is the cheerful voice explaining the value of the toolkits to your organisation, arranging demos and answering your questions.  Once you are up and running, Penny will be your key liaison point and keeps in regular contact to ensure you get full value and learn from other client experiences.

Penny also volunteers within the Business Academy, providing a range of pastoral support for the young people.


People Alchemy

Paul Matthews, the founder of People Alchemy, is a Learning & Development expert and strong advocate for informal as well as self-directed, activity based learning.  Having seen Beryl’s 26 Steps to Management programme back in 2012, he recognised the synergy between the two businesses and set out to develop the Alchemy Pathway. This SaaS platform enables and supports the online version of 26 Steps toollkits with automated notifications, an ROI calculator and instant reporting. The Alchemy pathway can also be used for custom learning journeys and as a Learning Transfer Platform (LTP).

People Alchemy (peoplealchemy.co.uk) provide the set up and technical support for the 26 Steps to Management programme.

As a leader in his field, Paul has written two books, which you can find here:

Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times

Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance Puzzle


26 Steps is an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) approved programme, which demonstrates the strong links between this programme and key management skills required in the business context.

GD PR & Media

GD PR & Media is a Worcester-based communications agency that supports 26 Steps and Malvern Business Academy deliver against its key business objectives.

Peter Jones Foundation for Enterprise

As a partner of our Business Academy, PJFfE provides support, resources and funding for our programmes, which includes the annual graduation ceremony.

‘Looking back, it’s been one of the greatest things I’ve done with my life. This is a second chance for me to really get my head down and so something with my life before it’s too late.’


‘We have been most impressed with the care and passion brought by Malvern Business Academy. All we can say is a big thank you.’

Tatiana Pavlovsky, Learning and Development Manager, Hackney Learning Trust.

’26 Steps is on my desk all the time which helps me to keep the programme on track. It has given the supervisors the right tools to be able to do their job and taken away any excuses.’

Lyndsey Jephcott, Passenger Services Manager, Birmingham Airport

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