Malvern Business Academy

We have always worked with the ethos of giving something back to the local community, which is why we set up Malvern Business Academy. Our ‘Be Your Own Boss’ programme is an initiative aimed at young people aged 19-24 years who have not got the benefit of educational qualifications, have often faced significant challenges as a child and do not currently have the outlook of getting work or getting into college.

We believe that there are many opportunities for young people and we make it our mission to open their eyes to these opportunities and ensure that they are equipped with the skills and qualifications needed to succeed in a competitive workplace.  Be Your Own Boss leads to a BTEC 2 Certificate in Understanding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.  Young people can also participate in the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.

Young people who have worked with us have gone on to

  • Level 2 apprenticeships
  • Level 2 & 3 college courses
  • Full-time employment in retail, catering, care work
  • 12 week placement in Africa as part of the International Citizen Service
  • Independent living in place of homeless hostel accommodation

Enrolling on the programme

The programmes run 2 or 3 times a year.  They are free to attend for the young person.  Significant funding is provided by Malvern Business Academy, Councils and via our partnership with Peter Jones Foundation for Enterprise.

There are no enrolment requirements.  Young people can contact us directly or they are signposted to us via their key workers, housing providers or Job Centre.  The programme is 15 hours of study a week on 3 days a week.  If they young person is on JSA it forms part of their actively seeking hours.  If they are on ESA it is a demonstration of their intention to become employable.

Working with the academy

If you have a professional interest in our Academy, or want more information about how you can take part, please make sure to get in contact with us.  We are always glad to hear from the community and invite you to come along and speak with these brilliant young people.


Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Peter Jones CBE. The Academy set out to be a catalyst for cultural change by bringing the boardroom into the classroom. It aims to equip future generations of entrepreneurs with the skills and mindset to run their own businesses, thereby supporting the future of the British Economy by focusing on the value of ‘learning by doing’. You can find out more about our partnership here

Malvern Business Academy

‘Looking back, it’s been one of the greatest things I’ve done with my life. This is a second chance for me to really get my head down and so something with my life before it’s too late.’


‘We have been most impressed with the care and passion brought by Malvern Business Academy. All we can say is a big thank you.’

Tatiana Pavlovsky, Learning and Development Manager, Hackney Learning Trust.

’26 Steps is on my desk all the time which helps me to keep the programme on track. It has given the supervisors the right tools to be able to do their job and taken away any excuses.’

Lyndsey Jephcott, Passenger Services Manager, Birmingham Airport

Contact Us

To contact 26 Steps please email us at, phone us on 07968 052076,

01684 562169 or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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