26 Steps to… Leadership

Who is this for?

What is the £0.5mill difference you need to make to your business in the next 6 months but cannot do it on your own?

Lift your business management performance to a new level through a series of seven 2-hour coaching sessions over 5 months.  Executive Performance Coaching is delivered to senior executives of companies who are positively grappling with current and future business issues.  It is normally delivered in the context of change, either the business, or personal or both.  It is carried out at a time and place as is most convenient to the executive.  It is provided for senior executives for whom a traditional training course is not appropriate and who, now and again, need access to personalised development for a short period in their management career.

The benefits

We use our own 8 step Enlighten© Coaching model to incisively determine where you or your senior team needs to focus in order to achieve positive results in situations which allow you to:

  • Find next step in career
  • Gain immediate development alongside the job after promotion
  • Refocus on the job
  • Rapidly shift your strategic thinking
  • Balance company ethics diametrically opposed to own
  • Gain a Board position
  • Build up operational team at the same time as managing an acquisition
  • Deal with underperformance
  • Manage bad news
  • Re-create business confidence with customers and employees.

Which industry does this programme suit?

The coaching programme is tailored to the needs of the indivudal and is therefore suited to all sectors. We can put you in touch with others who have had executive coaching with us to see if it is the right approach for you.

‘Looking back, it’s been one of the greatest things I’ve done with my life. This is a second chance for me to really get my head down and so something with my life before it’s too late.’


‘We have been most impressed with the care and passion brought by Malvern Business Academy. All we can say is a big thank you.’

Tatiana Pavlovsky, Learning and Development Manager, Hackney Learning Trust.

’26 Steps is on my desk all the time which helps me to keep the programme on track. It has given the supervisors the right tools to be able to do their job and taken away any excuses.’

Lyndsey Jephcott, Passenger Services Manager, Birmingham Airport

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To contact 26 Steps please email us at info@26steps.co.uk, phone us on 07968 052076,

01684 562169 or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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