SPS Technologies

SPS Technologies

Consistency of practice

A solution quickly implemented to suit the company’s immediate needs in upskilling front-line managers

The requirement

The General Manager discovered he needed to increase the skills of his front-line managers and he sought a solution that would suit the company’s immediate needs. His intention was to introduce an improvement programme quickly and cost effectively whilst ensuring it delivered the results needed.


  • Gained traction in the business, delivering clear return on investment in a short time
  • Provided a systemised management development programme for all of Shift Leaders
  • Covers all the basics to give a guaranteed level of competency at Shift Leader level
  • Managers contributing positively to delivering the daily profit and loss figure
  • Successfully used and owned by managers in the business, requiring no HR involvement
  • General managers spent their own budgets to get it happening as there was so much payback
  • The mentor guidance supported line managers in an out of comfort zone experience
  • Introduced it and gained buy-in in a small way, before delivering it to the whole business.

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‘Looking back, it’s been one of the greatest things I’ve done with my life. This is a second chance for me to really get my head down and so something with my life before it’s too late.’


‘We have been most impressed with the care and passion brought by Malvern Business Academy. All we can say is a big thank you.’

Tatiana Pavlovsky, Learning and Development Manager, Hackney Learning Trust.

’26 Steps is on my desk all the time which helps me to keep the programme on track. It has given the supervisors the right tools to be able to do their job and taken away any excuses.’

Lyndsey Jephcott, Passenger Services Manager, Birmingham Airport

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