HeArt of Business

The human heart is a wonderful muscle, beating away with no conscious instruction from ourselves, keeping our bodies alive and useful for activities which we choose. We can feel the pulse – evidence of life – but we cannot see the heart. Choices we make in relation to sensory activities – food and drink, air we breathe, exercise – are our contribution to the state of health of our hearts.

Our organisations and businesses, schools and universities are not dissimilar. Each has a heArt beat created by the people who work and study there. Customers and end users dictate much of the flow of activity in our businesses, but what of the people who work there? What do you do to keep the beating heArt of your business healthy?

Much is said about the science of management and the art of leadership, but I believe management needs more heArt. Take the pulse of the organisation, check the sensory inputs to it – what fun is there, what exercise, what nutrients do you feed it? Or are your sensory inputs stale, old and tired? Inject new stimuli and feel the pulse beating away to add value to your products, services, customer and end user experience, but most importantly, to the lives of your trusted, loyal and valuable colleagues and students.

Colleagues and students take that energy into their personal lives where they have reponsibilities for old and young, and need to create and maintain a healthy heArt in the home. The heArt of your business translates into heArt beats in homes across the world.

Beryl Cuckney