For Fourteen Weeks I’m selling Something Extraordinary – Hope!

I’ve sold many things in my long sales career and like to think I’ve learned a few things along the way. I now teach what I have learned to other people to help them improve their sales performance.

Last year I heard about a project that aimed to teach entrepreneurial skills to disadvantaged young people (aged 19-24), some of which had no qualifications and had never been in employment. Most had lived a chaotic and difficult existence in abject poverty.

Despite all the odds the fourteen-week (part time) pilot programme was hugely successful and I offered to teach a future group! That time is now!

I’m four weeks in and I can already tell you that this is the toughest challenge I have ever undertaken. The hoodies and over confident exteriors are defence mechanisms that hide confused, scared and desperate souls beneath.

In order for them to engage in the learning I must first sell them something they have long since lost, hope!

Stuart Allen