Chance encounters along life’s journey

Every one living on planet earth has a story to tell, experiences to pass on, ears to listen. We have the opportunity to make new connections every time we go to work, to the shops, walk down the street, take a flight, bus or train, at a coffee shop. Simply smile, say hello, or give a couple of minutes to an older or tired looking person to cheer up their day. You never know where the conversation may lead.

A recent 36 hour journey to Australia from the UK gave me plenty of opportunity for chance encounters and reminded me that we are all special and unique as we travel along life’s journey. We can all make a little time and show a little courage to open up a conversation, however brief it may be. You never know who you might find yourself speaking with, and why it was that your paths crossed.

Share your stories with others to help them find the courage to connect in person with others Commit to connecting with one new person each day – start with a smile.

Beryl Cuckney